Friday, 25 March 2011

Tension In Step Father

In Step Father there are many examples of techniques that create suspense .

In the opening scene the director uses Mise en scene is used to creat suspense and tension . The scene begins with standard props such as bread , cups , toaster , kettle ex  to create a normal atmosphere .Although the use of a creepy background makes something seem not right . This idea is justified as the camera then tilts down for us to see a dead body on the floor . We are schocked and this instantly leaves us wanting to know more about what has gone on .

Mise en scene also plays creates tension and suspense in a another scene . David and Micheal are in the basement . The lights are low and the background is dark which ultimately sets the mood. They are also surrounded  by many tools that could kill in a instant , this leaves us all expecting David to kill Micheal . We already know about Davids ruthless murders and the fact that we know more information then Micheal perfectly creates tension  .

Another example of when suspense is created is when the Stepfather is out side the lady with the cats house . He drives past her and they make eye contact . Convinced she knows about him being the murder he drives past . The cat lady then continues the play with her cat , we then hear ring at the doorbell . We are suspect it too be David at the door ready to kill her off . She then opens the door and theres no one there . The camera is then at a low angle but nobody is there . Just pause for a couple seconds and closes . With the great speed the cats jumps on her and screams right in front of the camera . We then are left  schooked and most of us jump and are terrified .

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