Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Taking A Look At Our Rough Cut

This is our rough cut of our opening title sequence . Watching it over i think its good , the sound fits perfectly with with the scenes and it creates the desired atmosphere we require . The affects also give it that creepy feeling ,  the fuzzing and shaking will be sure to spook out the audience . As it a pyschological thriller , we choose to use a discrete opening to confuse the audience but at the same time give a sample of what to expect from the movie and keep them intrigued and wanting to watch more . I think our opening looks realistic and my group and i can be very proud of what we have achieved.  We still are yet to add any titles but looking at the film we have comed up with quite a few spots to place them .So we have planned to come together next lesson and finnish it off shouldnt take to long as we already know where we our putting the titles

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