Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rough Cut of our film analysis

  Our rough cut still needs a lot of work however I think we have done quite well so far. One thing we are still working on is the sound. We have just started adding sound but we still need to add more. We chose a sound motif for the little girl which is used every time the audience see her.  This way the audience will know that she is a major character and that it is critical that they pay attention to her.  We still need to add more sounds to make the opening scene more effective.
We used many different shots in our opening scene including lots of close ups of Prince sleeping from birds eye view and side shots.  We also go a few point of view shots from Prince when he wakes up.  In our flashbacks we got some cutaways such as the knife and we also took shots of the TV. Whilst editing the film we used cutaways rather then fading as it gives it a sharper clean effect.
Making sure that the mise en scene was clear was difficult.  We had to put blood on the knife and the little girl, to make clear to the audience that she had been stabbed.  Occasionally there are scenes where there's not much light but through editing we should be able to fix that for the final film.
For our final film we are going to, finish the sound editing, and titles.

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