Saturday, 19 March 2011

Filming Snatcher (Animatic)

To shoot our snatcher film we used the slide show we made with the jelly babies to help guide us. We first decided on who was capable on playing which roles, we also thought about location. When thinking about location we thought about somewhere that was easy for us to find and was secluded from people. So we decided to use the toilets, it was a good location as it set the scene and it was small and toilets are used a lot in thriller films. The Mis en scene for the film was the toilet, mirrors, tap's, make up.

The Opening of the film was set out side the toilets and we see the character's enter the toilet, when filming this time around we tried our best not to leave to much space above the characters like we did with the bag swap. We tried our best to use a variety of shot's. We used a point of view shot of the person watching rosie which I thought was important as it created tension. We had over the shoulder shot's when rosie is talking to me and when she is looking in the mirror. We also had a match cut when Me ans rosie entered the toilet's.

Overall I thought we done a good job as we learnt from the last video what errors we should avoid. We deleted some clips as we found errors or we messed up, When looking back at the clips when we finished we discovered that the first scene was out of focus so that helped up to always remember to put the focus on when filming, When editing it was easier for us to make sure everything is goes through more smoothly and we also found out that we need to plan more carefully before going out to location to shoot. But overall I was pleased with our final out come.

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