Thursday, 3 March 2011

Planning Our Film

In class we spoke about the ideas that we each individually had. For example we thought of a child being kidnapped and something to do with flashbacks.  We then decided to change the idea from being kidnapped to killing a child and having a twisted story. We then had many debates of how we were going to use the child, and watched many film trailers to give us ideas.  We were still unable to think of ways we could use this little girl, we then spoke to our teachers and they gave us their opinions and helped us choose how we could use her.  She would be a mysterious character.  The audience wasn't to know weather she was the bad character or if Prince was.  The existence of her character would be unknown to the audience.  We then decided the location of our film, and thought it would be best to film it in my house as it was in the middle for everyone and most convenient.  We needed to make fake blood and use knives and toys.  We will have to make my room completely plain so that it can pass as a boys bedroom.

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