Friday, 25 March 2011

Evaluation Of Snatcher

I think filming snatcher turned out to be way better then the filming of bag swap . Looking back at the film i think we have learned from our previous mistakes . This time we did not leave so much space over the characters head and the film ran more smoothly . We were also able keep focus and be time efficient as before we were mucking about and not taking it too seriously . I have also learned how important having a thought plan . In bag swap it was more about improvisation and we went along with what came to mind . With snatcher we had a solid thought out plan and it really showed in the quality of our drama .

Were also taught how to fade sounds in and out of our drama which gave our drama a boost. Although there is it still room for improvement as we need to learn how to mute out all background sounds but i feel that once we get the hang of it we will gradually master all the techniques .

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