Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Filming our final opening sequences

We shot our film in half term as we where all free and available. It did not take as long as we expected as we shot the whole film in one day it took us approximately 4-5 hours to film the entire film. We chose to use rosie's house as the mis en scene in her room fitted the movie just perfectly. Things like the small tv that fuzzes on stand by, the size of her room was good for all 4 of us to be able to move around and shoot the scenes. Another thing we had to fit perfectly was the time we filmed as we had to make sure we filmed it when it was not to dark so the audience wont be able to see anything but not to light so that it takes away the mood and tension the darkness creates.   

What we first done was we sat together and talked about all the roles we was going to do for the day so that we did not get confused we made sure that everyone took part even I who was featured in the film as an actor took part to film and direct the others. We also made a list in which we ticked off slowly until we where done. as it was hot in rosie room and rosie being a girl we had to make sure we changed her room to make it look more masculine. After we got everything organised and everyone got into character and changed costumes we had to make blood. We thought we needed blood to represent the violence and death we put it on monica to show the audience that she is dead or has been hurt this makes it very disturbing for my character and also the audience. We found it extremely hard to create the perfect type of blood as it was either to watery or to thick but add the end we was satisfied with what we created.

When filming we had to take our time as we wanted to get everything just right we had to be extreamly quiet not to distributive others as they film and we also had to get ourself in the mood of the film so we had to be very serious. It was kinda hard as we had to repeat certain parts so we can either get it from a different angle or to errors so it can sometimes get frustrating. As we was working with a my friends sister monica who played the role of the girl I have flash backs about, as her age is young she found it very difficult to pay attention and keep concentrated for a long period of time but she really put a lot of effort in her part of the film I was really proud of her performance.

In our film we tried to make it seem very confined and interment so that the audience feels like it's only them and the characters in the room. So we used lot's of wide shot's, close ups and extreme close up's, some seems we had to be careful of our safety like in one scene where I was suppose to drop the knife next to the little girl but we decided to do two different shot's just so that we can be safe so nobody get's hurt. We came up with the idea while I'm having my back flashes that I should be sweating to show stress so we decided to use water. I was worried that this would look unreal but it turned out great and it helped to make it seem more real it was also hard as rhys had to reply the water every time we had to stop and repeat the scene. After we done the bedroom scene we done other scenes like the one outside where I'm walking away with monica these other scene's where easier, the bedroom scene took most of the time as it was the most important. After we shot all the scene and parts we looked back quickly at what we have done and we agreed that we got all the shot's that we needed and we called it a rap. I think that my group worked really hard as we came together as a team to complete our film.

If I could do this again we would have maybe came more prepaid like maybe we could have done rehearsals so that we would know exactly what we was going to do. We could have gotten the blood prepared days b4 and maybe we could have done more shot's with more angles but when I look back at it I feel like we done a great job.

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