Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Editing Our Film

In the following lesson after we had filmed our film we decided to edit our film and delete all the irrelevant scenes that weren't needed . We also had to come together and decide the chronology of the scenes . This was the first time we were able to watch the scenes back . There were quite a lot of scenes that didn't work and need to be cut . For instance the blood in the knife dropping scene didn't work as it looked fake and way to unrealistic to make our film credible .Once we had put the scene is the order we felt it worked ,we decide it was time for some effects . We all had different ideas on the affects we should allocate to individual clips . We knew that for the film to be effective the editing was maybe even more important then the filming . We decide the transition of the TV to prince would be more effective in slow motion and we also assigned princes flashbacks as bouncing and fuzzy as we wanted the audience to get the idea the flashbacks weren't clear and still have them wondering what was going  . We tried not to get carried away with the affects as it wouldn't be practical . We tried to keep it to the minimal to make or title sequence presentable .

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