Tuesday, 22 March 2011


We met up during the half term to film our opening . Our main objective was to get all the filming done on that day  , we decided to film at Rosie's house . Once we were all together we go to filming straight away .  We already had a our plan on what scenes we were to film  , this was useful as it made us time efficient and if we made errors or never planned something out properly we could go back and sort it out as we had time on our hands.

Although we had our story board and everything planned we decided to change one or two things that didn't work around . Coming into film we knew what problems we may occur and we generally did well to over come them .We made sure that all the irrelevant stuff in the back ground was moved and the bedroom didn't look like 'Rosies' but the actual characters . We also made sure that we filmed under the most effective lighting . We turned off the light in the room and used the light attached to the top of the camera . We were also careful in having a wide range of shots .These ranged from , close ups , extreme close ups and wide shots . We also used our imitative decided to used water and drip it down prince face to get the affect of sweat . For blood we used a mix of shampoo , ketchup, water and pink food colouring although it looked good at the start eventually i didn't like it because it looked unrealistic

The little girl in the scene was played by pr
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inces friend Monica . I think she did a great job of acting and had a positive effect on our filming .

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