Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Adding Sound

When it came to adding sound we used sound track pro. We found it really hard  because there are so many sounds and music in the system to choose from and it takes a while to find that perfect sound that set's the mood and keep's the audience at the edge of their seats.

When we disused about the type of sound that we want, we had in our minds that it would be very Slow, gritty, scratchy. We also liked the sounds used in seven as we thought they where random and out of places just like we wanted.  We wanted a sound to be played at the back at all times and then we wanted to add extra sounds to create a motif whenever ever he had the black flashes of the little girl.

We kept on searching and searching through the sounds to see which ones we can take and work with. After a while we found some high pitched sounds which I thought where great as they where very in your face and loud and caught people attention, We also found this very slow and dark sound which was low and I thought this really helped to set the scene and we decided to use this as background through out as I thought it was effect and i got the audience into the film. We also found these disturbing high pitched sound which reminded me of screaming and scratches which I though was perfect so we put them in the flash back clips as they both contrasted.

We have not fully finished working with sounds we are in our final stages but we still think we could add more sound to create more tension and to really impact the audience. We will add more sounds later but we have gotten our basics so far but we want to take that to the next level which we will do for our final out come.

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