Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Editing our final film

When we started to go into the editing process what we first done was we looked back at all the previous clips that we filmed. We then started to delete all the clips that we did not need like the ones that were out of focused or that The actors came out of character and only kept the ones we needed. We then renamed them by the scene or what happened in the clip. When we finished we then converted the clips into final cut pro to start putting them together.

We all talked about what order the clips where going to go in and we decided that we was going to have clips of me sleeping and then other clips of back flashed and that will go back and forth until I wake up. So we had to decide on which clips worked best for each part some times we got it wrong and had to start all over again or edit it as it did not move smoothly. We did not know how many flash backs we was going to use but we wanted to get as many as possible we was going to use a flash back of me washing a knife and the blood getting drained down the sink but I personally thought that the blood looked so unreal that it would ruin our film so we decided to leave that out so we deleted it.

Surprisingly it did not take as long as we thought to edit the film, I think it is because we now had the hang over using final cut pro and we are used to putting clips together now. It took us like a good two hours to put the clips in sometimes we would get it wrong and change our minds but at the end we was happy with the final outcome. We did not have time to do no editing our sound this day but our film already was looking good in it's rough form we had a little while left before the end of lesson so we asked a teacher one where we find effects he showed us so we played around with all the effects just so we can get a glimpse. Our film already was nearly one now we only have to add sound, effects, titles and maybe a tiny bit of editing.

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