Thursday, 3 March 2011

The filming of the animatic

On thursdays lesson we created a story using jelly babies that we could transfer to real life in the next lesson . At the start of the lesson we needed to find the location to film in . We all came and decided we was going to film in the toilets , this was as the toilet was a small area and the actors would be cut off from the rest of the world . The proximity of the actors also would suggest a closer intimate relationship and the small closed toilet is a perfect discreet place for the attack to take place . This was the main part of the mise en scene that we could control although we also used the mirror shot to create shook . Looking back at it think this technique was effective as it was quick and emphatic .Unfortunately we couldn't control the lighting as the lights came on automatically . This was unfortunate as ideally we would of preferred a dark setting ,this is as it would of created a morose atmosphere .Whilst we were filming we decided that we need to use a variety of different shots . Whist we were filming we used : over the shoulder shots , match shots , extreme close up , close up , mid shot , point of view shot . 

In editing , we realised we had too many shots . This meant that it was harder for us to decided which one was the best . Furthermore this meant that we wasted a lot of time and was not as efficent as we could be next time i think we need to work on that . Although i think we improved from our last filming , this time we made sure that our shots weren't out of focus and that there wasn't a huge amount of space above the actors head. We also added background music to our film that was simulatneous to our film this contributed the atmosphere that we wanted to created in our film.

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