Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Planning Our Filming

To make a opening title sequence we first had to plan what we were going to film . We all sat down together in class came up with aload of ideas . The hardest part about having so many ideas is that every one wants to do there idea and no 1 wants to give in . This made it extremly hard to come up with a decison on what we were going to film .

We were first going to do a scene in a park of a guy kidnapping some1 daughter but then we were told it wasnt original and had been seen numerous times every year . This made us re consider and we eventually decided to use Princes idea . His idea was to film a guy on his bed having a nightmare . There were going to be mutiple flash backs of him and a young girl . From here we got the basic plot of our idea we then all added to this plot with mutiple ideas shaping around it . The plot suggested that our genre was going to be a pyscological thriller . At first i wasnt to impressed with the idea but eventually i came around to liking the idea when one or two things were changed it was broken down to me.

We then had to decide on the location we would  film it . We choose to film at rosies house at first i wasnt to happy with the idea as it was too far away from my house but then nobody else wanted to film in their house so it had to be done . The next topic we had to discuss was filming the little kid who would be able to find a child that would be able to film in the time and day we had . Prince then said his friend sister could do the job and that would be all taken care of .

We knew that we had to give our film some variation so we planned on what diffrent type of camera angles were going to film , under what lights and on what day . We were then told that we could take the camera on friday and he had to be returned on wednesday . But none of us were free untill tueday so we would only have 1 day to film it in the half term .   

Planning our film was a stressfull but enjoyable process and i hope it goes as well as we have planned .

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