Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Adding Titles

While Maria and Rosie continued to add and edit the sound for our film. Me and Rhys decided to should start to create the title that would be in our film. We found it very difficult because today was the first day me and him have ever used Live type. We have used final cut pro and sound track pro but we have never gotten the chance to experience what live type is about. So we asked the teacher for some assistant. The teacher showed us the basics like.

  • How to add text
  • How to change the font of your title
  • How to add effects
  • How long each title should be
  • How to personalise it

So we decided we should just play around with it just so that we can get used to working on live type. After a whole we was familiar with the different little buttons. I decided I should do some research on what is in most opening titles so I went on youtube and I watched a couple of opening films and I took note on what people come first and which type of people for example. Production team, producers, directors, actors, sound, costume design just to name a few.

When we decided to do some we got stuck yet again because we could not decide on what font to use for our film. As our film was a psychological thriller and is kinda scary we wanted a font that also showed that. In my head I was thinking about the font being small and fading in slowly and out and maybe shivering a little. That would have been perfect but it was hard to find and decide on which font worked best at the end we found this font. Out font is big and it looks deformed and rough, we also added an effect where it appears and the it shakes and starts to drop off the screen which was really cool. We then started to do the first few title and we will do the rest in our next lesson.

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