Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rough Draft Of our film

We now have a rough draft of our film and this just helps us to look at what we have done so far what works and what doesn't.

From watching our rough cut I can already identify what works I think the music fit's perfectly with the theme and it really helps to create that atmosphere and sense of something is about to happen to already this get's the audience's attention. The Mis en scene works well I like the lighting that we used at it is not to dark or too light for us not to be able to see. I liked the recurring sound that come son when you see the little girl in the back flashes this helps the audience know what type of thriller our movie will be about.

Things we need to do

  • We do not have titles or opening credits in our film which we really need to work hard on to get that in
  • We need to work more on the sound
  • Add more effects in some parts ass they look to 
  • Add more effects to make it more dramatic and in your face

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