Friday, 25 March 2011

Adding Titles

As we were short on time prince and i decided to start creating titles that would be appropriate for out film . Before we got started we did some research on other films in the same genre as ours ( psychological thriller), as we wanted to get a rough idea what type of font we should  use and what affect we were looking for .  So we went on you tube and analysed films such as 'Fatal Attraction' and ' Mulholland Drive ' .

To create title we knew that we would have to use LiveType . This was hard as neither of us had used Live Type before , so at first we had to play round and roam all the features of the software . It was clear that we didn't know what we were doing some we asked a teacher for some assistance . The teacher told us the basics on how to : add text , add effects and how long each title should be . This was helpful and we started to get the hang of it . Although we did find some trouble in finding the perfect font for out opening . We knew that would hard to go for a hard edged font and something that is powerful .We eventually found and used a effect which shakes and drops down which found to be very affective and fitting perfecting with what we envisioned . . We then typed in names of the producer , editor , director ex . Although we did not finish all of it in this lesson , we wont have much more to do and the assistance of Maria and Rosie shall be useful .

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