Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rough Draft of Film

In todays lesson we did some more editing for sound, credits and posted the rough draft on our blog.  We didn't manage to do all the the credits, as we did not have enough time.  In mondays lesson we will carry on doing them and find backgrounds, different fonts and ways of the credits coming in and out.  Today we also did sound we decided that we would have a reaccuring sound for every time the little girl was shown on the screen, added to the background music which sounds mysterious.  I think it gives clues towards the genre of our thriller film.  We will add more sound to our film in mondays lesson to make it more effective.  My group was also thinking of adding more editing effects to the film, as it doesnt seem much different.  I believe we need to make it more dramatic and not just count on the sound to do so.

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