Thursday, 24 March 2011

Analysis of Rough Cut

Our rough cut is still a work in progress but I think we have done quite well for a rough cut. One thing we are still working on is the sound. We have just started adding sound but we are not finished. We chose a really good motif for the little girl which is used every time we see her. This way the audience will know that she has an important role and will want to know what is so important. We still need to add more sounds to make the opening scene more disturbing.

We tried to use many different camera shots in our opening scene. We tried to get many close ups such as when Prince is sleeping but I think there should be more. We got shots from the side and from above Prince. In our flashbacks we got some cutaways such as the knife and we also took shots of the TV. For the editing we used many quick cuts instead of fades to give it a sharp effect. We agreed that the flashbacks look better as quick cuts because it jumps straight from Prince to a flashback.

We had to make sure the Mise En Scene was clear. The knife was shown with blood on it to let the audience understand that the little girl had been stabbed. Also we made sure that in the scene where she is dead it is clear that she has blood all over her dress. Without this the knife and death would not make sense. We used scenes that had enough lighting but there are a few dark ones which we will try and fix for our final film.

Three things we can improve for our final film:
1. Better and finished sound.
2. Titles added.
3. Perfect the editing and effects.

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