Saturday, 19 March 2011

Effects For Our Film

After putting the clips together we decided to look at effects. There were so many such as bad film, bad TV and Sepia. We looked at bad TV and it looked amazing, but we didn't think it would go with our film. In the end the effect we chose was earthquake. This makes the screen look like it is shaking at we let Prince sort out the colour. He decided to make the colours dim and close to black and white, which we all liked and decided to keep.

We spoke and half of us agreed that the rest of the clips look dull and we should add effects to it and the other half said there shouldn't be any effects at all. We looked at the whole clip being in Sepia or in Black and White but it looked quite tacky so we didn't use it. We still haven't decided on what effect will be used or if an effect will be used.

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