Sunday, 20 March 2011

Our Pitch for the Film

In lesson we had to present our film and a rough plan and idea to the class.

Me and my groupe decided to make our presentation by using prezi as one of the people in our groupe has used the application before. We decided to use prezi as it's a more fun and modern way to make a presentation as you can have text and images and ect. We had to sell our film to the class and our teacher to see if we where ready to film and if our story line is good.

When we went up to present our presentation, we tried our best to go into a smuch detail we talked about
  • The story line
  • Location
  • Set
  • Characters
  • Reasons on why we choose our idea
  • Themes and sub generes
  • Sound
After we finished our presentation our class was allowed to ask us questions, some asked us about the charcters and some asked us about the lighting. We anwerd all of them to make everything more clearer to them. We aske dout teacher if she was happy with the idea and she agreed and said we would be bale to film whenever we was ready some people did not have that privilage as when they presented their worth they did not tal about it in detail or they had a few thinsg missing so they where not allowed. I was happy we doe eveyrthing so quickly and smoothley.

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