Sunday, 20 March 2011

Planning our final film

When we had to plan our film we sat down together as a group and we just gave each other our ideas. Everyone had their own plans on what they wanted the film to be about we found it very difficult to make our final dissusion.

My idea for the our film was about somebody who is having a nightmare and they see these back flashes that I have not decided on yet but he has back flashes distubing things, he then wakes up to a dark room where the tv is left open and as he reaches or looks into the corner he is then horrified by an image or figure that when itc omes closer we see that it is the girl he was having bacl flases about he then hides under his covers and when he looks agin she is gone.I got this idea from looking at diffrent movies it was inspierd by phylogical thriller momentom and The little girl thing wa skinda inspred by films like the grudge that horroh aspect.

We still could not decide on what idea we should take on but I luckley persuaded my grupe and sold my story line and told them in detail what it was going to be like. I told them that it is the best idea out of us and it will be the most esiest for us to shoot looking at aspects of location, characters, mis en scene . We took time to think about it and we decided to go with my idea some people wher enot really big fan sof the idea but after a while they where happy with it.

We do no t have the name for our film yet but we decided it was going to be set in rosies house and I was going to get my friends sister to play the role of the little girl and it wa s going to be a phycological thriller.

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