Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Presenting Our Film

We were asked to present our pitch for a title sequence to the class and anarbel . Using a website called prezzi we made a fun and simple presentaion which contained the basic idea we had on our title sequence . The presentaion contained : the story line ,location , set ,characters , sound, lighting , genre of film and target audience . For all of the stuff we were presenting we had to explain why we had chosen to do that stuff in a certain way and why we had chosen that idea . We knew that we had to pitch our presentation carefully and everything had to be thought out thoroughly. Once we had finished our presentation we allowed the class to ask questions . There was some compliments and constructive criticism which i thought was helpful and needed . The main question that had our brains running was about lighting . We initially planned to film in the dark but we had been ask how could the film be seen with the lack of lighting . We questioned Anabel and she reassured us that we could attach a bright light to the film and it would be perfectly fine . The feedback and questions we got were productive and allowed us to question our ideas and re consider and change some stuff . In conclusion i think we pitched our title sequence well and  were able gain something positive out of it .

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