Sunday, 20 March 2011

Editing The Sound of our Animatic

After we edited our film and cropped it into it's final sequence we edited the sound using sound track pro. The first thing we done was to take away any unecessary sounds like laughing our back ground sounds. After that I took away all the sound  from the video and muted it and kept the parts that we needed. For our film we wanted there to be music playing at the background to set the scene and help create tension. So we found this one song which was kinda up tempo and we then added andother song at the end which was very high pitched and misterious.

After adding the sound and music we was then taught how to fade music in and out from one another , so we made the sounds fade in and out from one another so that it can flow more perfectley.This was new to me as I have never used final cut pro before, but it was nice to learn something new.After we finished making and editing the sound for our film, we then how to tranfer the sound to final cut pro but we kind of got stuck and we had to call for assistants from a teacher to help us transfer it.

I think for me persoanly I find it hard to use sound track pro as It has more devices and extra buttons you have to click and It can become confusing and misleading. And  I think you would have to use it for a long while before you can hav ethe hang of it. I find it easier to use final cut pro as I have had prior experience.

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