Sunday, 27 March 2011

Final film

In Thursdays lesson we had to finish our film.  So we decided that we would firstly finish off the sound then move on to the titles. We focused on our titles because we hadn't really started them  It was my first time using LiveType and i found it quite difficult. We added a couple of effects and then ended up transferring them over to FinalCut Pro. It took us  while to do this, but we finally managed to get them done. I preferred working on the sound as I'm used to SoundCut Pro.
           We finished off our sound by adding a few extra sounds to make it more interesting.  This wasn't as difficult as LiveType because I am more familiar with the other software.  After we found sounds that fitted perfectly with the opening sequence we transferred the sounds onto FinalCut Pro along with the titles. We made sure that everything was in time before we saved it and transferred it into handbrake to put onto our blog.  We have now completely finished and our final film has been posted on our blog.

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