Thursday, 3 March 2011

Filming our film

We filmed our film within about four hours, and completed all our scenes.  We did it on the Tuesday in half term at my house, having to get the timing right was difficult we had to make sure it was dark outside but not so dark that we couldn't film.  It also had to be dark in my room but we had to be able to see Prince and Monica. We made a list of the scenes that we had to film, and filmed them one by one slowly taking shots from different angles and making sure we used close ups, wide shots and other wide ranges of shots.  We found that we had to do a lot of takes as we kept laughing or we noticed things that were wrong.  The actors found it hard to concentrate sometimes, as we kept having to retake shots from different angles.  When making the blood we found it very hard to make it look realistic and it also kept drying out so that the colour faded and it looked even more fake.  Also in one scene where Prince is seen washing the knife that he used the blood looks very fake, we are hoping that editing can make it seem slighter more realistic.  In one scene we had to drop the knife next to the little girl, there was obviously a large risk that it could hit her, so we had to film Prince dropping the knife first and then we'll do a jump cut to the girl lying on the floor dead.  The last scene was filmed outside in a road, so we had to make sure we did it quickly so that no one including me who was filming was in danger.  We found that our camera kept coming out of focus and we became worried that all our filming would have been out of focus.  Luckily we had loads of different scenes only a few of which were out of focus.  We decided that if everyone was to film it would have been easier so we all took turns to film the different scenes.  I believe that my group worked very well together as we listened to everyones ideas and opinions, this caused no arguments, and it enabled filming to be a lot easier.

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