Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Structure of thriller Openings

In Thriller Film there are four different types of opening you got

  • A narrative opening 
  • A discrete title sequence
  • A titles over blank screen followed by a narrative opening
  • A stylised edited opening
A narrative opening usually begins by introducing the audience to the setting or characters in the film. This opening is used a lot in most thriller films.  For example the shinning has a narrative opening as it begins with a wide angle of the landscape as the camera hovers by this shows the audience where the movie it set and give out little information. We are then later on introduced to the characters.

A discrete title sequence is separately edited from the rest of the film. It probably has nothing to do with the rest of the movie but it helps to give a hint and set the vibe on what the movie will be about. YOu can see this in the opening for se7en.

A titles over a blank screen opening consist of  titles rolling or appearing on a blank screen while there is a sound track playing at the back. The most important thing is to make sure to use interesting fonts and to pick the right music to engage your audience. A titles over a blank screen is use in movies such as donnie darko, Dead calm.

A stylised edited opening sequence is focused on the editing aspect. In these types of opening the makers try and make the opening as effective as possible so they use stylised editing taking different shot's and putting them together. Most of the times it is fast and spontaneous while other times it can be slow and subtel can be seen in movies like The taking of pelham 123 and Enemy of the state.

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