Friday, 25 March 2011

Final Edit

During today's lesson we all worked on finishing off adding the sounds to our title sequence . In the previous lesson me and prince were working on the titles whilst maria and Rosie were working on the sound . I feel that working together works way better then separately as it gives us a wider range of ideas and you are able to gain help from more people when your stuck . This was the last lesson we had to get out film finished . Although we had limited time we were not under too much pressure and were able to finish off the sound affects to title sequence calmly . As this was the last time  we were going to work with the sound we had to check it over again and again to make sure that it was all in sync and perfectly fitted the piece of drama . Once we had made sure this happened we imported them into final cut pro

In this lesson we also had to add the titles to out actual drama . We were not sure how to do this so we got assistance from another member of another group . The titles didn't take long to do as we knew what direction we was pushing in  . Once we had finished all the titles we move them over to final cut pro and our title sequence was finished .

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