Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Edit

Today we finished off editing and decided to work as a group instead of separately. We focused on our titles because we hadn't really started them and they are one of the most important things for the opening sequence. It was my first time using LiveType but once i got the hang of it I found it quite easy. We added a couple of effects and then ended up transferring them over to FinalCut Pro. This took quite a while but finally I added them onto the film and made sure the timing was fine.

We finished off sounds and adding some extra sounds to the ones we had. This was harder than LiveType because we had to make sure they had perfect timing. After I found sounds that fitted perfectly with the opening sequence I transferred the sounds onto FinalCut Pro along with the titles. I had to make sure everything was in sync before I was able to save it and convert on handbrake to put onto the blog. It was fine and now I have posted onto the blog as our final piece.

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