Friday, 25 March 2011


Once we had finished editing our film we knew that we needed to add sound to our opening . It was hard because we could only find upbeat music on Sound Track pro . We continued to look hard and it became frustrating and tiring when we could not find anything else but this jolly music . We knew that if we wanted our title sequence to live up to its full potential then the music had to be perfectly suited to our drama . After searching for a while we finnaly found and sample piece of sound of a violin played in a minnor tone . Once we heard it we knew it was perfect for our drama . We then repeated this throught the rest of our piece . Our teacher then recommended that we add a motif to the girl everytime she appeared . We then asked if every one in the group was happy with that idea and  no one had any complaints. So we played around with sounds and finnaly found a screeching and screaming that gave the desired affect we aiming to achieve . Although we still have some work to do everything seems to be promising

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