Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Adding effects to our film

As our film was a psychobiology thriller I thought it would be perfect for us to add come effects which can help make the visuals for our film better but also it can play with the audience minds. Effects also help with the mood and make you see things in a different way.

When adding effects we first looked at the wide range of effects there was. There was so many for us to pick from but we could not just pick anything that looked nice we had to make sure the effect contrasted with our film also that the effect did not distract the audience to much. When first thinking about effects in my head I though that our film should be like as if it was live and that the audience where watching tv so I was thinking that it should be very shaky and be out of contrast plus the opening of our film my idea was to have a tv on standby with the fuzz I really liked that effect a sit was very eye grabbing and hallucinating.

At first I found bad tv and we thought it was so great but it was very hard to watch as it was very fuzzy and unclear so we thought we should leave it out but we may still use it again we don't know. I found a earth quake effect so we added that in the flash back clips this effect made the screens shake, and I thought it was great as it reminds me of having a headache and it makes the audience feel what the character is going through. We also changed the colour for the flash backs so that it could be clear to the audience what was a flash back and what was not so they did not get confused. We used a little tint of black and white to at that old past effect.

After finishing with the flashbacks we looked back at the film and some people in the group thought that the other parts without effects looked dull and we should also add effects to them a swell so we thought of making everything black and white or sepia but I disagreed with this idea as I thought that it did not look good and we should keep it the way it is after a couple of chats and experimenting we decided to leave it. I still think we could do add more effects not a lot but a small amount to some areas we will look back at the film and decide at another time.

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