Saturday, 19 March 2011

Editing Our Film

In lesson we started editing our film. We started by deleting many scenes that we did not need, such as scenes where Prince might have laughed or clips that were out of focus. We decided to talk as a group and decide excatly what order the clips will go in. In the end we decided that we will have short clips of Prince sleeping with the flashbacks. One flashback that did'nt work was the clip of Prince washing the knife. The blood looked too fake so we decided to leave this flashback out.

After we finally put the clips together we started looking at a few effects in the time we had left. We were shown how to slow down and speed up some of the clips. We decided that the first clip that overlooks the room and moves from the TV to Prince should be in slow motion. This then doubled the size of the clip so we had to cut some parts of it such as the extreme close up of the TV.

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