Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pitching our Film

In class all the groups had to present their ideas. My group knew exactly what we wanted our film to look like so we were quite confident. We had to put all our ideas into a presentation and decided to use a website called Prezi. By using Prezi we were able to present our ideas in a fun way and attract our teachers and the rest of the groups attention. We wrote about where we would be filming, what the outline of the opening is, the type of sounds we will decide to use and the mise en scene.

After we presented our ideas we were asked a few questions. One main question was how were we going to have dark lighting, but be able to show everything. We decided to have a small light in the background or use a camera light. We also had the problem of fake blood and the knife, but we decided we would either buy fake blood or make some and we were not really sure what to do with the knife. Our teacher really liked our idea and let us film during half term

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