Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thriller Audiences

In 2009 408 films were released, but only 31 of them were thrillers. Action, animation and comedy took up 52% of the Box Office in 2009. I think that it was this high because it attracts different genders. Importantly it also attracts different ages, which makes it more popular. Also animations attract a younger audience which are more likely to go with their parents or guardians to watch.

I think thrillers only had 4% of the box office because they sometimes come under other genres or they are appealed for certain people. Also a big one is the age. Many thrillers are aged wrongly, they are aged 18s instead of 15 which leaves out a big amount of the population. A good thing is looking at the chart above we see that horrors and thrillers are split evenly on the scale and attracts both genres.

Here are 10 films and their age certificates:
  1. The Taking of Pelham 123- 15    
  2. Panic Room- 15
  3. The Shining-  15
  4. Arlington Road- 15
  5. Seven- 18
  6. Collateral- 15
  7. Memento- 15
  8. What Lies Beneath- 15
  9. Psycho- 15 
  10. Pulp Fiction- 18
By looking at these films, most of the films are 15. This tells me that they know that having the film as an 18 is a problem so they make it a 15 to attract more viewers.

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