Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Soundtrack Pro

After filming our scene we had to use Soundtrack Pro to add sounds. We started by getting rid of all the sounds that were taped through the camera, but we needed the parts where Prince and Rosie spoke. We couldn't use the rest of the sounds because we had people talking and laughing in the background. After turning it off we added non-diegetic sound to create a tense mood after Prince leaves. We also added diegetic sounds such as the scream at the end because we wanted to show that something has happened without actually showing it.

After adding the sounds we found out that we can fade the sounds in and out which helped us improve the sound a lot. We faded all the sounds into each other except for the last one because we wanted it to be unexpected. We had a bit of trouble saving the work and importing it onto FinalCut Pro, but after some help we saw how to do it. I was happy that I learned something new, for example fading the sounds in and out, but I still need to learn a bit more about Soundtrack Pro and we need to learn how to import and export without help.

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