Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Editing The Sound Of Our Anamatic Film

After completing the editing of our film we had to move on to the sound editing which we completed on Soundtrack Pro.  We started off by getting rid of all the orginial sound that came with filming, we had to get rid of this as it had some laughing and extra talking in the background.  We then used a tense backing track to show the mood, atmosphere and genre of the film, we then used digetic sound such as a scream to show the audience that something had happened, as you can not see on the screen at the time.  This was the easy part of editing, we wanted the music to sound slightly more professional.  We then realised that you could fade the sound in and out and we did that with each track accept the last one as we wanted this to be a shock to the audience.  I find Finalcut Pro a lot easier than Soundtrack Pro, I have learnt a bit more on how to edit sound but I feel as though I still need more help.

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