Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Animatic Film

In class we had to create a scene using still images. The scene had to be a plan of an actual scene we are going to shoot. To do this we used a still camera and jelly babies. We decided that one of the actors, 'jelly babies', will be kidnapped so we had to show this as clearly as possible using the jelly babies. We wanted to keep the genre thriller because it will be helpful with our final film. We took many shots such as an over-the shoulder-shot and wide shots.

After this was done we transferred the photos onto final cut pro and edited them into the correct order and how we want our scene to be. This was quite easy compare to an actual film. The scene was then uploaded onto the blog using handbrake for everyone to see. I enjoyed making the scene and I hope our scene comes out just as well and the making of the scene is just as fun.

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