Sunday, 6 February 2011

Filming of the Animatic

On Thursday we used the slide show we made using the jelly babies, to create a real film. We decided on a location and wanted it to be somewhere secluded, so we decided on the toilets. The layout of the girls toilets wasn't suitable for our storyline so we had to use the boy's toilet. We couldn't change the lighting, because they were automatic lights, but we tried to work with it. We also used the mirrors and Rosie's make up as part of our mise en scene.

At the beginning of our film we had a match cut of Prince and Rosie entering the toilets. We also used point of view shots and a cut away to add a variety of shots to our film. When editing we noticed we had too many shots, but that was because we had messed up in quite a few, so we deleted them. We then put the shots together to create a smooth edit for the film.

I think this time we were able to make sure we didn't have a big space between the actor's heads and the top of the screen. Also the shots were not shaky, except for the first shot which was really blurry due to the focus on the camera. Lastly we done a better job at the editing this time round and I hope in the final film we will have the perfect edit.

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