Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Livetype and Sound

When we filmed the 'Bag Swap' we were shown how to use Livetype and how to add sounds to our scene. Livetype is used to add titles to your scene. We could do this through FinalCut Pro, but Livetype has different fonts and features. We could make the titles scroll or have each letter in a different font. Due to time we weren't actually able to add titles, but I hope in our next filming we will be able to add some.

FinalCut Pro gave us the option to add sounds, but there was not as many as Sountrack Pro. On Soundtrack Pro we found many sounds such as heartbeats, clocks, screams and there were also many beats which were helpful for non-diegetic music. We were able to add a couple of sounds but we couldn't figure out how to switch of the sounds that had been recorded, so you can hear noises in the background which sound very unprofessional. I hope that when we film our next scene we are able to add fonts, sounds and get rid of the recorded sounds if they are not needed.

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