Monday, 21 February 2011


After uploading the final edit to our film 'Snatcher', I noticed that we improved on everything we said we needed to in the 'Bag Swap' evaluation. This time we did not leave that much space between the actors' heads and the top of the screen. We also managed our time better, because we had everything planned before we went off to tape, so we knew exactly what we wanted. Lastly I think we done better with the editing this time. It could have been better but it was my second time using Final Cut Pro and I am still learning.

We tried muting all the noises made through the camera, but they just would not switch off, so I think if we learn how to do that we could improve our film. On the other hand I learnt how to fade sounds in and out and I think that gave a good final touch to our film. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to add titles to it, so the titles are not that good. In our final film we will spend more time on the titles and they will definitely be better.

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