Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Font Analysis

Serif Fonts- An example of this is Courier. This is when the font is more traditional and has the extra detail and the end of each letter.
San Serif Fonts- This is when the font is informal and unlike serif font does not have the extra details. An example of san serif fonts is Arial.

In the 'Rocky' poster the font Franklin Gothic Heavy is used. It is also placed at the top of the poster which makes it catch our eye. The font is big and looks like blocks, it also looks like a very masculine. This relates to the main character to the movie who is a boxer.

Another font  that is like this, is the one used on the James Bond posters. The James Bond font is not like blocks though because it  is italic, but it is not curvy either. It still looks very masculine and Maurice Binder made the font very different from others by adding a gun at the end of the '007'.

"Maurice Binder sets up the whole language of Bond, with the gun barrel motif and the idea that the title sequence could be a mini- movie in itself."- Neville Brody

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