Monday, 14 February 2011

Planning our Pitch.

In our group today we created a Power Point presentation of our media film pitch.  We had to explain the location, props, filming schedule, costume, risk assesment, target audience, possible production company and our final story line.  So that we are completely ready to film during the half term.  We are trying to go into as much detail as we can so that we can do the filming in one day.  We had to explain to our teacher our idea so that he could help us to improve it even more.  We also had to complete our full storyboard.  In  our next lesson we have to pitch our ideas to the class so we need to be fully prepared and have a good understanding of what we're going to say.  Today we also looked at possible sounds we wanted, we decided that we need a high pitched atmospheric tune in the background, lots of heavy breathing to give off an unsettling vibe and a nursery rhyme.  The sound is not deffinate yet but they are a few ideas.  We now need to spend time working out which types of shots we want to use.

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