Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Editing Short film "The Bag Swap"

After we shot our mini film for the bad swap we then later edited it adding extra sound and combining all the clips to make it into a story. We first got all our clips and uploaded it onto the computer, we then reviewed all our clips again onto the big screen so we can see what type of footage we can and could not use. After reviewing the footage we shot I then started to put them together so they can run as a story and I tried to get all the different angles we shot in each scene and tried to make sure that all the scenes flowed well with each other. We was then showed how to add music into our film, I personally found this hard as we was only showed one time how to do it so I got stuck at first but then I discovered how to do it. It took me a while just to play around with the sound at first as I wanted to put in specific types of sound to help create tension in our film but I had to rush it as time was not on our side. We added a clock sound which I think was good as it created that feel of waiting and why are you waiting which I think worked well but we did not get a chance to ad more sounds.

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