Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Anamatic Film

Last thursday in our media lesson we used the pictures we took using jelly babies, to create a real film.  We then planned how we were going to act it out and decided on a location which happened to be the boys toilets as we need a small intense area.  We used point of view shots when I was 'alone' in the toilets and Match cuts when myself and Prince we're entering the toilet, this added a large variety of shots to our film.  Unlike last time we managed to not get such a large gap between the actors heads and the top of the screen.  As well as this the filming was not so shakey as we used the tripod more and in some cases we had somewhere to lean the camera.  Once we started editing we found out that we had way too many shots so we had to delete quite a few as we were spoilt for choice.  We did not get the perfect edit, and I believe that this is down to the fact that we need to plan more carefully.

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