Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pitching Our Film

Today in lesson we pitched our film to the class and a few teachers.  We had to plan out exactly what we wanted to say and then speak about it and explain our film.  My group did a presentation using a website called Prezi.  This was a good way of showing all our ideas carfully and simply. We had to think in a lot more detail about our film as we had to explain it all over again to a different audience who didn't already know it.  We also did a storyboard today so that when we're filming it we know what shots we want to use.  Using a storyboard aslo makes planning much easier.   For example we know we want to use lots of close ups and over the sholder shots to create more suspence.  Showing our pitch to another audience helped us to see what was good about our ideas, and what needed to be changed.  For example we wanted a dark lighting whilst filming.  However a few people pointed out that it may be difficult for the audience to actually see at all.  Since making the pitch we have changed a few things to do with lighting and thought of ways to make it easier for the audience to see.  Possibly making the background as dark as possible, then having a small light near the camera so there is a small amount of light.

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