Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thriller Audience

I took some time out to do some research on who watches thrillers as if I'm going to make a thriller film I think it would be vital for me to know who is going to be my target audience. From the research I have gathered I have come to an conclusion that thrillers are enjoyed by both women and men as by looking at the diagram I can see that women prefer suspenseful films while men like horror , from the digram below you can see that females prefer to watch comedies, romantic film rather then suspenseful thriller films,

Looking at the the films I have been studying in the last few weeks I can see that most of them are certified 18 which shows that thrillers are mainly watched by people who are 18 and over. This can also relate in why thrillers may not be a big hit in the uk as I feel like younger audience like 12 year old and children tend to go to the cinema with there parents more then adults. This may also be the reason why Action, animation and comedy account 52% of the box office in the uk in 2009. As most of these films are watched by women or young children.

In 2009 there where 31 thriller suspense films released which grossed around £42 million pounds while in the same year romantic comedy films grossed around £600 million. I think that thrillers account for a low percentage of the uk box office in these last few years people have been really interested in comedies, romantic and sci fi films. maybe for me as a film make I need to make sure that my film will be able to cross genre and I might need to use a sub genre to get a bigger target audience,

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