Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Camera Skills: Introduction

Before we was able to interact with the cameras we was given a safety lesson in which we was taught all the basic key point's we needed to control the cameras. 

These are some point's we learned. 
  • Not to leave the cameras unsupervised
  • How to put in the memory card and how to take it out
  • How to put the camera on focus 
  • How to put the battery in and out
  • adjusting the camera onto a tripod
  • How to record
  • only use the camera with a media card
We was then given a small brief and was asked to film it. In my group our brief was a bag swap we had to film it in a thrilling exciting way. We first created a plan and we wrote down all the scenes we was going to use and the different shot's we was going to have in our film. After making our plot and deciding who was going to play which roles we then set out to film. At first it was kinda hard as we had to get as many shots as possible from different directions, our location was also hard to film in as we had people walking up and down while we was filming so we had to really concentrate to make sure we did not loose focus. We also had difficulties with the tripod as sometimes it was hard to get remove the camera from it. It the end we pulled through and we got difffrent shots and angles in our film we used point of view shot's, over the should shot's and extreame close ups. After an hour and 30 minutes we decided we got all the footage we needed and we finished making our film and decided to take it into the next stage editing.

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