Thursday, 3 February 2011

Anamatic Story Board

 During our lesson we were set a task to create numerous scenes using jelly babies . We would then take the pictures of the jelly babies and then in our next lesson we would film and act these scenes out . We then in our groups put up all our ideas together and came with a plot . This plot was that couple would be making out and after the guy go's the  girl would be kidnapped by a stranger . As well as taking pictures of this we needed to decide what type of shots we would incorporate in these scenes . We decide that there were gonna be a range shots ranging from point of view shots to extreme close ups a many more . Once we did this we choose the best pictures we took and edited them in final cut . We then put all of these together and it ran smoothly . To be honest this task wasn't the hardest of task and it prove little difficulty and we were able to express our creativity and ideas . It was quite easy to embed the jelly babies into our plot . Now I'm looking forward to acting these scenes out . 

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