Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation:Question 4&5

 I have done a mindmap of different ways I can promote my film. There are many ways and I want to use all of them. The film I have made is a low budget student film. I do not want to release it fully on Youtube. I want to have a small launch party inviting family, friends and maybe a few friends of friends. This will then allow us to have people telling their friends about my movie. We also are going to advertise our film through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully my friends and followers will help promote it. Also I would post a short trailer or clip of the film onto Youtube through a Youtube channel that I will create. I do not want to upload the full movie because people will copy it. I will then sell the film very cheap on dvds so that I can gain money to be able to make more films.

The video I have posted underneath is a film made by a university student. He posted it onto YouTube and so far it has 136,438 views, which is a great achievement for a student film. The maker of the film, Tom Ridgewell has now created a YouTube channel with many more videos for people to watch. He also have his on website which you can access through his YouTube page. This is quite similar to what I would like to do with my thriller because I want to make a YouTube page and post a small clip of my film onto YouTube. This will then help me be able to make many more videos.

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