Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation-QUESTION 8

When we first started using the camera's we were given a task to film a bag swap.  Before filming we we're told that we needed steady shots nothing out of focus.  At the beginning of our film we started with a clock.  The filming of this as you can see was extremely shaky.  As well as this the person filming had cut out the top of the clock.  The clock was not at any point in the centre of the screen.  For some reason when filming this short clip we had decided not to use the tripod.  However when filming our final film we used the tripod often or we placed the camera on the floor.  In this film we didn't use multiple sounds we just left the sounds as we found them.  Which left us with voices shouting in the background. This is something we didn't want so we changed the sound for our final film.
This shot is taken from another one of our practice films.  When filming we didn't realise how out of focus it was until we had uploaded all the shots on to the computer.  We made sure and were very aware of the fact that none of our shots were similar to this.

In this shot of Prince there is a large space above his head.  The extra space around him is unnecessary and can give away too much of the Mise en scene.  Instead of having so much space above him we could have used it as a close up or a long shot so that we had his whole body in the shot.

 These two shots however are taken from our final film.  As you can see the first one of monica is not out of focus at all.  This shot is also not shaky or fuzzy.  The shot below is of Prince and as you can see we have adjusted the shot whilst filming to make sure that we didn't make the same mistake as last time.  It was difficult to remember all the mistakes we had made in our practice films when filming our final film.  We had to keep reminding each other of the distance and to use the tripod if needed.

This clip is also taken from our final film, we decided to zoom out from the T.V screen and then pan around the bedroom.  Surprisingly we didn't use a tripod for when we zoomed out Prince did it all by hand.  However when we were panning the room we did use a tripod as we had learnt from our previous practice films that our filming can become very shaky without one.  For our final film we decided that we wouldn't use any of the sound that was from the shots.  We muted all that sound and added our own made ones.  We used a multiple amount of sounds and mixed them together to make a sound track.  This was much more effective as we could find the correct sounds and add them where they were needed.  Also whilst filming we found that people we're sometimes talking or laughing in the background.  The sounds we used for our final film were extremely and dramatically different and better to the sounds from our practice films. 

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