Friday, 1 April 2011

Evaluation - QUESTION 1

Also shown in my pervious blog 'Intertextuality shots' i am going to compare 9 shots from from our thriller opening and our inspiration 'Arlington Road'

We got the insperation of this shot from 'Arlington Road', in the title sequence there is a playground shown in the same negative effect as this.  We chose to use a young girl be pulled away by a mysterious male character.  We didnt want a complete replicut of the clip so we chose to use the young girl instead of the swings to represnt children.

We then used the shot in the bottom right hand corner of the small child in a cot, as insperation for when the young girl in our film is rocking backwards and forwards in a flashback that the main character is having.  The girl appearing often in a negative effect is a key motif as it represents that she is maybe weird or unusal gives the audience the sense of not knowing which makes them want to keep watching. 

The final shot we used as insperation was the one in the middle of the title sequence at the top of the page.  It shows a dog lying down, possibly dead or possibly ill and looking very distresed.  Our screen shot shows prince in a bed with his body sprawled everywhere looking worried and confused.  Our title sequence often comes back to this shot to show to the audience that this character has something to worry about, the audience wants to know what.

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